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Life, I have come to realize, is as beautiful or as ugly as you decide it is. Personally, I choose to see the beauty.

-Brandy Landon


Hi there, I’m Brandy!

Real Estate

Most people in my community know me for my work as a Real Estate Broker. I own a company, Milestone Premier Properties, where we specialize in helping people buy, sell and rent homes. It’s an amazing career that I have been blessed with and can’t wait to see where it can go. You can visit us online at

I also love remodeling homes and have completed numerous projects in our community. I love the challenge of renovations; working within current walls to maximize space, getting creative with the design and even dealing with the headaches of contractors, price increases, material shortages, etc. Okay, I am not super thrilled about all of that, but hey, it’s an absolute part of the process, and there is always a lesson to be learned in the challenges (and trust me, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is a challenge… and don’t let anyone tell you different).

Along with helping people buy and sell real estate, I also run a Property Management Division, where we manage client’s real estate assets. We help landlords build their rental portfolios, find tenants the perfect home to rent and conduct all maintenance. We have an entire team dedicated to this division, and we love it. 

Real Estate is a HUGE part of my life. I have learned to be strong, compassionate, organized, and competenet with real estate laws and ethics. I can’t wait to keep building this incredible business. 



One of the greatest feelings I get is when my bags are packed and I am headed out on a journey to someplace new. I have flown countless times, been on cruises, road trips, and short getaways. Even staycations are super fun. From the time I was old enough to explore on my own, I have and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Traveling can certainly be costly, stressful, and unpredictable, and I have experienced all of the emotions, but I thrive on getting out of my normal life and gaining a new perspective.

That’s what I love the most. You get so caught up in your everyday life, that you sometimes forget that there are so many things in this world to see.

Among my favorite trips is a 3-week road trip I took by myself and stopped to see friends along the way, Hawaii, Italy, and a cruise with my family to the Catalina Islands.

I believe that traveling is the key to perspective. Turn your music up. Be present at the moment in your temporary environment, and vow to come back home a better person than when you left.

Girl Boss

I believe that your career is a huge part of your life and your identity. If you don’t like what you do, your job can certainly take its toll on every relationship you have. I know this first hand. I have lost many friendships and relationships due to what I thought was my choice in education and career. I thought, “gosh, people just don’t get how hard it is to get a degree, or start a business.” But it wasn’t my choice in career or my work ethic. It was my stress that I was projecting. And it was ugly.

However, when mindfulness and success meet, well that’s miraculous. All of a sudden you are aware that you have chosen a demanding career where you must be the boss, but you also have learned your lesson of being able to detach from your work-life and have an actual life. To be present in every moment is so crucial, and it’s something I have and continue to have to consciously think about.

To all the girl bosses out there, you can be hard and feminine at the same time. Make sure you choose your behavior accordingly. Be hard at work, but your home-life and love-life deserve your femininity.

I love teaching, leading and helping people gain knowledge and skills to walk their own paths. Whether someone is with me for a short-while, or they are life-longers, I wish everyone success and happiness in all of their endeavors. I am a girl boss, and it’s an overwhelming job in the best possible way.


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